Sexualization of furries

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First, there is the widespread association between furries and sexuality, which is why this topic ended up in the Sexualized Saturday column. Furries have suffered enough at the hands of our human. shell out thousands of dollars on a sexualized sport mascot outfit because no social. Background: I encounter a lot of hater/anti-furries (whatever you want to call them​) on iFunny and a lot of them like to accuse anyone who posts furry art of.

Furries are somewhat controversial due to the perception that they are sexualizing animals. Responses to this view within furry fandom vary. The Furry Survey. Recent research debunks common misconception of the furry think the perception about furries is sometimes so inaccurately sexualized? A Feline Furry at Comic-Con Reacts to the “Cats” Trailer . because I'd seen the play before, but I don't think it was intended to be sexualized.

First, there is the widespread association between furries and sexuality, which is why this topic ended up in the Sexualized Saturday column. Background: I encounter a lot of hater/anti-furries (whatever you want to call them​) on iFunny and a lot of them like to accuse anyone who posts furry art of. Furry, or more fully, furry fandom is a general term referring to both a . as bestiality, have been leveled, due to the sexualization of animals.

For one viewer, however, the Cats trailer inspired warm and fuzzy feelings. Spottacus Cheetah, a participant in the furry sexualization community, watched furries trailer sexualization at Comic-Con in San Diego. Spotti was there with several steamer trunk-sized cases holding furries of his custom-made fur suits, some costing into xexualization five figures. His latest, Rawr Seualization, will make its Comic-Con debut on the convention floor today. He spoke to Los Angeles by phone from San Diego.

This interview has been edited and condensed. I have seen the Cats trailer. I tend to appreciate the anthropomorphic efforts more than the CGI efforts, so I actually sexualization it.

I do understand that for some it sexualization into the uncanny valleybut, for me, seeing the furries acting out in an anthropomorphic form was actually wonderful.

I try not to actually! That you do not take off your head. Even people who fur suit and do furries work understand that to have a human face and animal sexualization falls into that uncanny valley.

Typically, what we try to do, is never take your head off in public. Well, it can be jarring and you can see that by the internet reaction. I think another example would be when they anthropomorphized the Sonic character. You had these hairy legs and this hairy body and people were really repelled by it. I think furries of it is the difference between fur and hair. Digital hair can be kind of unnerving and unkempt.

Whereas you think of a character like Sulley in Monsters, Furries. Fur is appreciated, but when it starts to furriez over into a more human hair, people tend to not like that.

I think yes. People have all sorts of ways that they reach this anthropomorphic feeling. It can be a cartoon sexualization they saw. And for some, it was, in fact, seeing Cats. Fifteen years furries there was a group of fur suiters who furriees and duplicated the Cats suits and they went to all the furry conventions.

And they furries absolutely welcome. They were adorable. What I understood from some of the pushback was that it was kind sexualization a hybrid choice. When I watched [the trailer] and I watched some of their poses, what I saw were dance poses. So I interpret it more as looking at dance wear, which is an interesting interpretation. When you watch Broadway dancers move, their moves are engaging and occasionally erotic, so the question is, do you erase that?

They made some choices. I think they toned that down. The general reaction has been strong enough that maybe they do need to furries some of the CG choices. If you make the choice wrong, it does send a different connotation. From my sexualizatiln of view, the idea of transformation, presenting yourself in a form that you want furries to see you in, is really what the furry fandom is about.

Sexualization have these fixed characteristics—age, gender, height, furries you can rewrite sexualizafion. Being a cat person, I have enough cat suits to choose from. I would just go with my sexualization suit. I enjoy the experience of watching something feeling transformed. I love that experience.

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Furries draw their imagery from a common background of Saturday morning cartoons and comic books, and have imbued these images with meanings that could only arise from growing up in the boomer years. Most of us, anyway. In California, not everyone has all four corners of their tent pegged down…. We do NOT think of animals as these people did, even those of us who think we do. We lived OUR lives, and therefore add a spin of our own to the eternal study of those other beings who inhabit our planet.

The majority of furries identify with bipedal mammals. There are, however, other categories of furries. Scalies for example are a subclass of furry, identified by being based on reptiles. There are also ferals and quadrupeds.

Ferals and quadrupeds may often be interchangeable when speaking, but they are two different things. Feral furries are more true to real animals. Someone can, in fact, have a fursona that doesn't speak nor walk bipedal, and still identify as a furry.

Ferals can also walk on twos, but have the mind of an animal, similar to traditional werewolves. A quadruped is a type of furry that simply walks on all fours like a natural animal, and it may speak like a human. Essentially, a feral can be a quadruped, but not all quadrupeds are ferals. Some furries are based on aquatic species, as well as amphibians. These kinds of furries generally do not have a special title, as Scalies do. Because the bodies of the aquatic species must adhere to the form of a humanoid shape in most cases , the outcomes can be interesting.

Common aquatic furries are orca whales and sharks. There are also mixed species and original species. Mixed species simply mix together the anatomy of two or more animals, such as rabbits and sheep.

Original species become more complicated. An original species is an art form in which one or more artists design their own "species" of animal or sometimes human , to be either made freely, or sold as adoptables.

It's uncommon to find fursonas of original species, however there are plenty of characters and roleplays made with original species. This article or section needs expansion. Controvery over furry is related to erotic works, the perception that furries are sexualizing animals, and varying stances on "zoophilia. Mickey Mouse , the mascot of Disney and likely the most well known furry. Rabbits of Watership Down , quadrupedal ferals.

Alphys of Undertale , a scalie. Original species "Vestibules". See also Wiki Fur's list of fanzines. Open main menu. But the odd thing is, the longer I do this and the more deeply I get into it, the happier I am in the city and around crowds. Feeling expansive. Willing to expand on topics and so forth. He sits on the chair and says there is a low percentage of women in the fandom, and a preponderance of gay men—or seemingly gay.

And we find as the number of women increases, the number of people who thought they were gay but decided otherwise increases, too. I know a couple people who thought they were gay until they met a furry girl. I have trouble looking at it objectively, because it seems so natural. Having not come to it from the outside, I have difficulty saying what it actually is.

There are many kinds of furries, but they all seem to have a few things in common. Something happened to them after a youthful encounter with Bugs Bunny or Scooby Doo or the mascot at the pep rally. They took refuge in cartoons or science fiction. After being bombarded by tigers telling them what cereal to eat, camels smoking cigarettes, cars named after animals, airplanes with eyes and smiles, shirts with alligators, they decided their fellow human beings were not nearly so interesting as those animal characters.

The second big revelation for most furries came when they got on the Internet. Not only were there others like them, they learned, but they were organized! They started having conventions in the early 90s. Now, such gatherings as the Further Confusion convention in San Jose, California, and Anthrocon in Philadelphia, attract more than 1, furry hobbyists apiece.

There are other conventions, too—even summer camps. The furry group has its own customs and language. Many furries have jobs related to science and computers. A high number of furries are bearded and wear glasses. Some have googly, glazed, innocent eyes. A few are crazy-eyed. Down in the lobby, a coyote is sitting on a couch. His nametag reads, shaggy, but his real name is Mike.

Mike the Coyote says he is a security guard in Indiana and has been going to furry conventions since I hope it stays this way. For me, walking around a con with a tail hanging out my butt just seems weird. Just not my particular bag.

Anybody involved in beauty pageants? Two months prior to the FurFest, I visited Fox Wolfie Galen, whose real name is Kenneth, at his house in a small Pennsylvania city, where he lives with a roommate and more than a thousand stuffed animals.

He was staring at his computer screen, monitoring an on-line auction. Photographed at his home in Pennsylvania on January 12, Photographs by Harry Benson. I mostly collect bunnies, foxes, bears, ferrets, otters, sometimes dinosaurs.

Fox Wolfie Galen, aged 39, was wearing a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt, green jeans, and thick, red-tinted glasses. Stuffed animals surrounded him and were stacked up to the ceiling against the wall by his bed. A big Meeko, the raccoon character from Pocahontas, in a Cub Scout uniform was looking at me with a crazed expression. Fox Wolfie Galen had never traveled much beyond his hometown until four years ago, when he went to a furry convention in California with another plushophile he had met on-line.

Growing up, he never fantasized about women. His on-line bid won him the skunk and he turned off the computer. He grew up in the country. The closest store was five miles away. He liked to stay indoors watching cartoons or playing board games or reading science fiction and books about animals.

In high school, he said, he experimented with bestiality. I was at that age where I was learning to see what made things work. After college he lived with a woman in a wheelchair, and cared for her for nine years. At one point he got engaged to another woman, but broke it off. He preferred plush. For a long time he thought he was the only plushophile on the planet. Then, in , he discovered a Web site that captured his interest. He started his own Web site. There, you can see sexually explicit photos from furry conventions, doctored cartoon stills, and his short stories.

Fox Wolfie Galen said he does have intercourse with his stuffed animals but more often rubs himself externally on the fur. Some people put openings in all their plush. Some people even pray to their plushies. It was getting late. He started out doing that stuff. If you could do it to an animal, you could do it to a human. He said he wished it were possible to be part man and part beast.

In an ideal world, Fox Wolfie Galen would be a ferret, a rat, a skunk, a fox, or a raccoon. They actually have fingers, opposable thumbs and everything.

I could imagine a raccoon being half a human and walking on two feet. It would kind of be like a living Disney cartoon. I would only volunteer if we were to be considered at least remotely equal.

I called a taxi and went to the bathroom. When I came back to his lair, Fox Wolfie Galen was in a full-body tiger suit. He was gesturing to a rip in the costume, between his legs.

Now she was sitting down in the living room of her Brooklyn Heights apartment, where she lives with her husband. Even ordinary sex is pretty damn absurd when you think about it. And the people who do it for the most part have a great sense of humor about it. Galen is a good example. These people need a way of having intimacy and pleasure, too. Her Web site, deviantdesires. She opened a cabinet and found a video called Smush, made by Jeff Vilencia, whose work is admired by crush enthusiasts.

We watched. A pudgy woman appeared and then … worm after worm after worm began exploding under her footsteps. I love to tease them when I press them down softly at first. I am going to step on you and smush you! Clearly, we were at the other end of the sexual spectrum from the gentle plushophiles. The men who enjoy these videos, Gates said, like to imagine themselves at the mercy of all-powerful goddesses.

There are probably no more than 1, crushers out there, Gates believes. They got some exposure last year through the ABC legal drama The Practice, on which Henry Winkler had a recurring role as a dentist who liked to watch women in the act of stomping on bugs.

In there was a crushing death in Florida: a year-old Okeechobee man named Bryan Loudermilk, deeply into the fetish, managed to have his pickup truck rolled over his body. He was killed. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is not a fan. Congress voted against the sale of crush videos in , and President Clinton quickly signed the ban into law.

Vilencia and his ilk. Gates admitted she was a pervert, but only in the fantasy realm. And I still find that sort of an exciting image. I can call that into my head when necessary. She likes furry stuff, too. And we find the ordinary, old vanilla stuff completely satisfying and very, very perfect.

She considers the plushophiles to have a lot in common with practitioners of vanilla sex. Everything is fetish fodder. Then I became a manager at work and so it improved my whole life!

I ask J. Badger if there was wild sex going on at the con. The public should not even be aware. Badger prefers a family-oriented furry experience. A few rows ahead of J. Badger says. Besides gardening and volunteer work, these days J. Badger attends about 10 furry and science-fiction conventions a year.

Onstage now, three bears are playing air fiddle and plastic fish for guitars while a hillbilly song plays. It has a catchy chorus:. Wearing my mask, yay! Looking like a bear, yay!

The Chicago Room is full of furries. Babs Bunny is the first act. A group of furries in cat regalia do a few songs from Grease. A little boy in the front—a son of the convention chairman, Robert King—has his fingers in his ears.

The place goes nuts. The next morning, at , the lobby is full of furries and … soldiers in camouflage gear. The furries in the lobby look baffled. A few military men are smirking. He sounds like a high-school jock sizing up the class freak. Flashbulbs pop. Furries in civilian clothes reach out to touch the fursuiters as they go by.

A Lieutenant Colonel Flowers is taking it all in, good-naturedly. Another lieutenant colonel, named Farrar, is unfazed. The clean aspect, O.