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Tonight's hearing is the sec second ond second part to last weeK'sdebate in front of the commission, which voted to invalidate the sexualedis election tion election because of the e-mail. Before the election results were in, FSP filed a complaint against Impact, alleging the party had direct involvement with the e-mail. Jason Goitia, a senior, said he helped set up a meeting between Kramer and Sterian.

Geoffrey Persell, sexua,exis junior, also testified that he and Kramer were at a bar one night and Kramer told him about a deal with Sterian. However, Kramer testified that he spoke to Sterian only once.

He described the phone conver conversation sation conversation in detail and said Sterian was persistent in saying that a lot of people in the Sports Clubs did not want Lane to be elected.

Kramer said he took in what Sterian had to say then wexualexis it. Election commissioners re refused fused refused to hear any more sxeualexis Kramer's association with the let letter ter letter Thursday night and said they wanted to focus their attention on whether the e-mail affected the outcome of the election. FSP legal adviser Robert Doan told the commission he felt the entire election sexualezis be thrown out to give Student Senate candi candidates dates candidates a fair chance.

He said the e-mail affected the way voters felt about the entire party, in including cluding including the Senate candidates. FSP won 12 Senate seats last Catanese to discuss top job today with students, faculty First of isix candidates to interview on sexualexis By Matt Avery Alligator Staff Writer Tony Catanese wants a bully pulpit and UF is perhaps the best public platform in the state if you want to start a real discus discussion sion discussion about education.

Sexuualexis said he hopes to do just that during his UF visit to today, day, today, when he will discuss basic - quality of life issues with stu stu,stu, dents and get a feel for how happy they are with the educa education tion education they are getting.

He is the first of six candidates to meet with faculty, staff and students sexualxeis discuss his bid for the UF presidency. Catanese has called the posi position tion position a esxualexis chance to show how a major research insti institution tution institution can also be an excellent undergraduate university.

Catanese, the current presi president dent sexualexis of Florida Atlantic Univer University, sity, University, said one qf his major goals at UF would be to improve tne al ali i ali ready considerable quality of undergraduate education, tack tackling ling tackling issues sexualwxis class size, tech technology nology technology use and distance learn learning.

A former UF faculty member himself, Catanese compared his campus visit to a prodigal son re returning week compared to Impact's However, Impact legal adviser Nikki Fried disagreed and said the election should not be over overturned turned overturned because there was no ev evidence idence evidence that the e-mail had an ef effect fect effect on student votes. How However, ever, However, the Board of Masters met to hear the case immediately fol following lowing following the commission's meet meeting ing meeting and found the elections to be valid.

The board found that the Senate candidates were not turning returning to the fold. Catanese was UF's architec sexxualexis ture xexualexis dean from toduring which time he said he initiated a number of sexuaexis pro programs grams programs and emphasized the im importance portance importance of the college per performing forming performing its own research. He said what he has already done at UF is a good indication of sexulexis he will do in the future.

Richard Schnei Schneider, der, Schneider, an associate pro sexualfxis fessor professor in the College of Architecture, sexualsxis an associate dean under Catanese. If he has faith in you, he gives you a project and lets you do it During the board's hearing, Impact legal adviser Anthony Barbuto argued there was no statute that was violated and no precedent to follow. They are not go going ing going after FSP.

Why sexulaexis some someone one someone who ran with FSP be af affected fected affected by this? I'm the one that got everyone involved. He's not going to sit on his hands. He sexhalexis getting things done, he likes starting programs, he likes churning sexjalexis up and sparking ideas.

He's the type of guy that the best university in Florida We're losing too many hon honors ors honors students in Florida," he said. Catanese also said he flexed his fund-raising muscles at FAU, pushing for a SIOO million capi capital tal capital campaign, the first in that university's history.

The speech will talk about the dilemmas in the sexuakexis process and the use of execution. Take the library quiz for a chance to win a gift basket of UF prizes. They can also be accessed online at www. Jon DeCarmine. Florida educational institution under F. BoxGainesville. FL University Sexuxlexis. Classified advertising can be placed at that locationfromS a. Copyright All rights resented No portion of the Alligator may be reproduced in any means without the written consent of an officer of Campus Communications Inc.

Attorney General Janet Reno refused to discuss the use sexyalexis force as a last resort except to say such plans have not been pre presented sented presented to her formally. I hope with all my heart that sexualexis rule of law pre prevails, vails, prevails, and I expect that it sexuzlexis she said on CNN's Late Edition.

The president scheduled two trips sedualexis week to lend support for state gun legisla legislation. He will be on hand Tuesday in Annapolis, Md. Parris Glendening signs a newly passed bill requiring ballis ballistics tics ballistics tests ana internal safety locks for handguns.

On Wednesday, Clinton will campaign in Denver for a Colorado ballot initiative on gun show sales. Leah Griffin. Fem Howe. Navas wnavasOalligator. Angela Morse Sylvana Porto. Barber cebarberOalligator. Helgeson mmhelgeson O altigator. Benjamin Secualexis.

Wendy Goldsmith, J. Debi Jones fer this week but will consider taking Elian from unwilling hands if they must. We don't expect anything sexualexis that to happen," he said on NBC's Meet the m state news atric experts appointed by the govern government ment government to smooth the boy's return to his father. Lazaro Gonzalez, Elian's great-uncle and temporary custodian, asked in a cun safety proposal in Congress loose be before fore before April 20, the first anniversary of the Columbine High School shootings in Colorado.

If, inside the Beltway, the spe special sexualsxis special interests have captured the Sexualxis, the president is go going ing going to get outside the Beltway and try to elicit enthusiasm back in these members' districts. Clinton employed a similar tactic inwhen his bid for national educa educawhich number Press. An immigration official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Sunday evening a letter would be sent to Gonza Gonzalez lez Gonzalez saying the government would like to move forward with the meetings Monday and expressing a desire for his daughter to participate.

Sezualexis official said the letter would suggest that the psychiatric ex experts perts experts coulavisit his daughter separately. The official said the government be believes lieves believes she should be a part of the process and that Elian needs to feel the relatives will support him during the transfer. He addressed legislatures in Maryland, Michigan and North Carolina, but to little avail: Four states initially re- m Inationai news which educawhich would send SIOO million to states that impose mandatory sentences on gun crimes.

A similar program in Rich Richmond, mond, Richmond, Va. But despite being informed the first fo forum rum forum with Tony Catanese, current Florida Atlantic University president, will take place today at a. Other students also said they were sur surprised prised surprised to hear sexjalexis forums were FSP withdraws two of three complaints against Impact Party By Erin Ssxualexis Alligator Writer Sunday night's Student Gov Government ernment Government Elections Commission meeting was delayed for 40 minutes because legal repre representatives sentatives representatives from the Florida Stu Students dents Students Party failed to appear to argue the complaint tney filed against the Impact Sexualexis.

The commission met to discuss a complaint FSP members had filed, which al alleged leged alleged an Impact member wearing an Impact T-shirt was distributing food as part of a Rock the Vote event at the Fredric G. Levin College of Law. According to the student stat statutes, utes, statutes, it is illegal for political party members to distribute fooa as a campaign strategy. Sexkalexis FSP member allegedly wit witnessed nessed witnessed Impact member Anthony Barbuto give free pizza and ba bag g bag gels to students wearing an "I Voted sticker at eexualexis law school while wearing his blue, Impact T-shirt.

However, Barbuto claims he was not wearing an Impact Sexualezis while he participated in the Rock the Vote event.

The event began at 11 a. Sexualeis really was very clean, said Kim Plumitallo, director of the Rock the Vote event. We made sure Barbuto took off every everything thing everything that he nad before he got dose to the event Plumitallo said that she saw Barbuto wearing a green polo shirt and a pair of jeans that day.

Lane appeared at the commis commission sion commission meeting apologizing for his legal adviser's absence. The second complaint Lane withdrew was against Thaddeus Bullard, Impact vice sexualexis candidate. According to that complaint, Bullard was standing too close to the voting booth during last week's elections. Lane said he has pictures of Bullard violating the statute pro prohibiting hibiting prohibiting candidates from stand standing ing standing within 50 feet from the vot voting ing voting booth, but Lane withdrew the complaint so that he could focus on his campaigning.

However, Lane said that he is not dropping the complaint against Impact for its sexualexis in involvement volvement involvement with Christian Sterian. Sterian sent an e-mail defam defaming ing defaming Lane to the UF Sports Club list serve the night before the elections. Lane alleges that George Kramer influenced Sterian sexualecis write the e-mail.

The commission will meet again tonight at 9 p. Sexualexxis English junior Jake Turner said stu student dent student input would not be taken seriously. Student Body President Brent Gordon said the students' doubts "reflect poorly upon the process itself, which is one more reason we should look further into the procedures.

However, Noble did not receive the mes message. Sheppard's Orange squad fell to the Blue. City to vote on stricter noise laws By Andrew Marra Alligator Staff Writer In an effort to fine-tune the city's ability to regulate noise, the Gainesville City Commis Commission sion Commission is expected to give final ap approval proval approval tonight to a series of amendments to the city's noise ordinance.

Many city sexhalexis and resi residents sexualexix residents have expressed frustra frustration tion frustration with the city's spotty repu reputation tation reputation for remedying noise complaints. A special commit committee tee committee has been working for about a year on the amendment pro proposals posals proposals sexuallexis reported its findings to the commission in February.

While Gordon said it was sexualexis late to change the sexualexis search procedures, he said the process should be looked into further for future searches, especially the hiring of an outside search firm.

By the end of the marathon, the danc dancers ers dancers and families were emotional with the thought of leaving behind the weary but happy group with whom they had spent 32 hours. He just could not wait until next year to see all of his Dance Marathon friends again, explained his mom, trying to console him.

Zophia Rendon can be reached at zrenaon alligalor. He said he started feeling attracted to his male friends when he was 7 although he was taught there was some something thing something wrong with being gay. Adams, the son of a funda fundamentalist mentalist fundamentalist Baptist minister, spoke Sunday at the Reitz Union aoout his time as an "ex-gay" at Liberty University.

He also spoke about his organization, Heart Strong, the only outreach program for gay, lesbian, bisex bisexual Narcotics search warrent leads police to overdosed man By Zophia Rendon Alligator Staff Writer Alachua County Sheriffs deputies ar arrested rested arrested two men one who had over overdosed dosed overdosed on heroine when they entered a Gainesville apartment with a search war warrant rant warrant for narcotics Friday night.

Deputies who were investigating an ongoing case received information indi indicating cating indicating that there were drugs in Rocky Point Apartments, SW 35th Place, Apt. After obtaining a search war warrant, rant, warrant, deputies entered the apartment and found Kenneth John Palmer, 24, semi-conscious and overdosed on hero heroine, "Teach me to cry and when I have learned to cry, teach me to dance that I may dance in the puddle of my tears.

An ex-gay is a person who tries to repress his homosexual tendencies and attempt hetero heterosexuality. Adams saia he never got rid of his homosexual feel feelings; ings; feelings; he just repressed them.

Adams began his speech by reading from his book, "The Preacher's Son. Medical personnel told ASO depu deputies ties deputies that Palmer might have died from the drug overdose if he had not been found at that time. Deputies arrested Palmer and his roommate, Michael Keith Koehler, on charges of possession of heroine with the intent to distribute, possession of drug paraphernalia, leasing or renting for the purpose of trafficking in a controlled sub substance, stance, substance, and possession of marijuana, alprazolam, loprazolam, oxycodone and read recounts one of the many times he contemplated suicide, he said.

When he was 14, Adams and his family went to a church where a minister preached that God created AIDS as a punish punishment ment punishment for homosexuals. The min minister ister minister said all gays were child mo molesters lesters molesters and would eventually die of AIDS. Adams said he sank into a deep depression and considered suicide as a result of the minis minister's ter's minister's teachings.

Your college education rep represents resents represents one of your most impor important tant important career decisions. Join Air Force ROTC, and you may be eligible for differ different ent different scholarship programs that can help pay for that education. But you'll learn something else, too: that Air Force ROTC opens opportunities for you to take your college degree higher, faster and further than you ever realized.

Imagine your status as an Air Force officer, and get an education in opportunity call Captain David W. Everitte at , ext or email: everittedufl. Reports indicate that the drugs were found throughout the apartment in the men's bedrooms, the kitchen and the liv living ing living room. Deputies also found parapher paraphernalia nalia paraphernalia such as pipes, tinfoil wrappers, straws and scales.

James Troiano said. Palmer was admitted to the hospital in stable condition. He was released from the hospital Saturday morning and taken to the Alachua County jail. According to Adams, Falwell said God could change gay peo people ple people into straight people. Adams said he then decided in order to be the "right kind of person" -a straight person he would have to be as close to Falwell and his organization as possible.

While he was at school, Ad Adams ams Adams said he buried his homosex homosexual ual homosexual feelings. However, the book's focus changed to his experiences growing up as the son of a minis minister, ter, minister, his time as a student and em employee ployee employee of Liberty University and nis time as an ex-gay. Adams and Tuttle now travel around the country reaching out to gay, lesbian, bi bisexual sexual bisexual and transgendered per persons.

He could not be reached for comment Sunday, and his mother, Pat Koehler of Fort Lauderdale, refused to comment on her son's situation.

Both Palmer and Koehler have previ previous ous previous criminal records in Alachua County. Zophia Rendon can be reached at zrendon alligator. Oars can eaase retina damage. Get ready now by planning to stay inside a sturdy building during severe weather, learning how to squat low if caught outdoors during lightning, and learning CPR and first aid to treat injuries. Get more information from your local American Red Cross ehapter.

Such a high turnout also seems to bode well for the Florida Students Party's chances in the runoff election on Tuesday and Wednesday, the conventional wisdom being that the "system's party-in this case, Impact has a maximum voter base of no more than 4, When it comes to this election, however, you can throw conventional wisdom out the door this race is up for grabs.

The choice students will face in selecting the next student body presi president dent president and vice president this week is neither easy nor ideal. Indeed, choos choosing ing choosing between George Kramer of the Impact Party and lan Lane of the Florida Students Party is much like the choices voters have faced in recent national races.

We have two qualified candidates campaigning on many of the same issues with precious little separating the two. He made some bold and noble moves as treasurer, standing up to groups who were misusing funds.

Since the beginning of the election, Lane has maintained that the first thing he would do if elected to office is consolidate the platforms of all parties and go to work for the students. He has said this election will come down to the characters of the people running and we be believe lieve believe that it has.

Lane wanted to run for office and when he did not make the right deals with the right people they shifted their support away from him. Also, FSP vice presidential candidate Michelle Griffith has experience in the very aspect of SG in which she would be most involved as vice president the cabinets.

Treasurer: Kennita Johnson As stated in this space last week, Florida Students Party candi candidate date candidate Kennita Johnson was an extraordinarily close second to our initial pick for student body treasurer, Jeremy Kaplan. With Kaplan's failure to make the runoff, however, Johnson clearly merits our support.

Johnson possesses the kind of even-handed maturity that is all-too-often and all-too-obviously missing in SG. There is much to admire about Johnson, and it all starts with the very reasons for which she decided to get involved in SG. Having completed her undergraduate work elsewhere, Johnson arrived at UF to find that the unique needs and views of she and her fellow grad graduate uate graduate students were not being adequately represented or acknowl acknowledged.

So she decided to do something about it, taking it upon her herself self herself to make sure that graduate student voice was more accurately represented before ana better heard by UF's student leaders. Johnson is a natural self-starter, an attribute absent in far too many candidates for political office these days.

Johnson has not been groomed for years within an exclusive system to one day become stu student dent student body treasurer, she simply saw things being done the way they've always been done and decided she could do it better herself. Letters to the editor should not exceed words about one letter-sized page.

They must be typed, double-spaced, signed and must include the author's name, address, classifica classification tion classification and phone number.

Names will be withheld if the writer shows just cause. We reserve the right to edit for length, grammar, style and libel. Bring letters to W. Box , Gainesville, FL Letters also can be sent to the following e-mail address: letters alli letters allifator. Columns and editorial cartoons are also welcome. Call We Inform. You Decide. For the past week that's all I have heard, and I'm sick of it. If I knew who and what I was voting for, I'd con consider sider consider it.

One of the problems with SG elections is this: If you are not in the inner circle of the campus political circus, you just do not know a whole lot about the parties and what they stand for. I'm sorry, but getting your face and your re resume sume resume printed in the Alligator albeit a fine stu student dent student publication does not inform voters. This is an election, not a job interview. The mere fact that so-and-so is in the UF Hall of Fame doesn't tell voters anything about a can candidate's didate's candidate's ability to represent them.

This leads me to the second major flaw with these elections. All the parties give the same empty promises. They all want to do away with the rave law, keep halftime re-entry available and bring the hottest pop star to UF. Never mind that they are not going to reveal their secret strategies to accomplish these initiatives psst! The secret is that they don't even know. It just sounded good at the time. By the way, these are really lame issues. The people elected, while tney are in charge of a colossal budget, really have no significant power or say in affecting the way UF operates.

Sadly, the candidates for SG have managed to capture the essence of political necessities, such as mud-slinging and empty rhetoric, and forgotten that after the party at the Baja Torti Tortilla lla Tortilla Grill is over on election night, they are actu actually ally actually supposed to represent people.

Scott A. His "Better 'lovine' through science" obviously did not have any behind it. The views expressed here are not necessarily those of the Alligator. Letters to the Editor Uzal makes the case that the only possible motivation to research the DARPP gene is to provide another date rape drug. Any researchers studying sexual desire, which DARPP is associated with, are appar apparently ently apparently "capitalist pigs using their research for riches.

Uzal makes the marvelously ridiculous statement that "curing dysfunction just isn't widespread enough to turn a profit. Forty-three percent of all the women in this country sounds like quite a market to me.

I would be willing to bet that most of these women would be very excited about "newfan "newfangled gled "newfangled methods to achieve a better sexual exis existence". Ask Pfizer, the company who makes Viagra, if treating sexual dysfunction is profitable. The release of Viagra made male erectile dys dysfunction function dysfunction an acceptable topic ask Bob Dole , and millions of men were helped as a result. The release of a big name drug for female dysfunction would probably do the same for women, only 10 to 20 percent of whom have mentioned their problems to their doctor.

Oh, I forgot. Uzal thinks Viagra is "for the inse insecure. It ONLY works against dysfunction based on physiologic blood flow problems, spch as those caused by diabetes. Yes, a drug that enhances sexual function would have no plase at bars or fraternity par parties. That's what prescriptions are for. Nothing like a few good old fashioned facts to refute a grandiose argument.

Research into DARPP is a worthwhile en endeavor, deavor, endeavor, and ignorance should not be allowed to stand in its way. Jason Shinn 2MD Book sale profits to be donated to local libraries By Heather Sitton Alligator Writer A cardboard box and a bed sheet was all it took for a book dealer from Tallahassee to be first in line when doors opened at 9 a.

Saturday for the Friends of the Library book sale. By laying the sheet down with the cardboard box on top, Bob Nudelman secured his No. Nudelman was among more than people who gathered in the parking lot at N Main St. If you need to get back to your car during R jB the day, no problem! The Alachua County Library District and resi residents dents residents in the community do donated nated donated more than , books, records, games and posters to the organization.

Forty-five volunteers worked at least once a week to sort, price and shelve each book for the next sale. Friends of the Library has book sales two times a year - in April and October. The profits from the sale go to the library to be used for books, materials and to fund work workshops.

Nudelman arrived in Gainesville at p. Friday to secure his spot in line. After No Long-Term Commitment, if you've wanted to get in shape but haven't feit comfortable with a long-term commitment you can start today with our new Pay As You Go membership.

It's our new month-to-month fitness plan. You'll love the convenience and it's risk-free with our 21 day comfort guarantee. It's that easy. While waiting in line for about five hours, Hawthorne school teacher Harriet Landers said she planned which section of the book sale she would try to reach first.

It's hard to decide which sec section tion section of the book sale you want to go to first because you feel like you may be missing out on something better, Landers said. Landers has been coming to the book sales for several years and said she tries to be first in line each year.

She was No. Since , Friends of the Li Library brary Library has been donating the profits from its book sales to the Alachua County libraries. Free snacks provided. Students move away and throw out many valuable books that could be do donated, nated, donated, she said. The Friends of the Library book sale will take place until Wednesday, April 9, and book prices will decrease the last two days of the sale.

Roy the Cat, the feline that Honest Party members endorsed as a candidate for the Spring election, was just one of the write-in candidates who were counted Wednesday night as a part of the 9, votes. Spock, with one vote, Dr. JP the Vagrant received three votes for student body treasurer. Drinky the Drunk Guy received three votes for student body president, and Chewbacca received two for the vice president position.

I think they're funny," Supervisor of Elections Melissa Moody said. This is the real deal Im questing for the one" to lead an Oscar-winning romance it is decidedly not a Fox TV rerun. Serious inquires only, kindly send written re response sponse response and photo to: Attn Mr. Right" Mail Boxes Etc. Kramer said that the reason for the write-ins were the voice of students speaking out against political games. Jah Rastafari! The opportunity to make a difference inspires me. It is very satisfying to set goals within an organization or community service project and see the results of hard work materialize.

What future impact do you hope to make on the new millennium? It's difficult to imagine what type of long-term impact I may have. Hopefully, they will add up to something noteworthy in their totality. Favorite quote: M Failure is a mechanism which guides our energy and attention toward a path where our heart may ensure success. Spock would make a good president. Participants gain practical experience by supporting a major operating area of the company.

To learn more about this exciting opportunity please attend our information session. We will be on campus interviewing: April 12th and 13th a. In fact, Catanese has made his years of experience in Florida a major selling point for his candidacy. He said UF needs a president with a national vision who understands how far the university can go but also under understands stands understands Florida. He also said he is very con concerned cerned concerned about the quality of life in Gainesville, and he considers it important for the president to be personally in involved volved involved in mak making ing making UF a good neighbor to the rest of the com community.

Catanese also said he would take advantage of the partner partnerships ships partnerships available to UF, some somebe Meet Anthony Catanese Monday, April TO a. It's not my style to go in and fight people to the distraction of the university's goals. Reitz Union Presidential Appointees. He said every school in the state has made aggressive ef efforts forts efforts to harness private re resources sources resources except UF. But Catanese has aspirations far be beyond yond beyond just UF. He said he would use his position as head of the state's flagship university to steer the state Legislature, which he said emphasizes universities turning out graduate stu students dents students as quickly as possible.

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