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Thus began the movement to desexualize breasts and make nudity a less taboo subject in society. But, there is a glaring problem with this. Indeed, this might surprise Jezebel feminists, but female breasts are sexual is the first: "Desexualize the nipple and free it of sexual judgment. And why would you want to? Many women 'desexualize' their breasts simply by letting them go to hell on their own. Breasts are 'sexualized'.

Conversely, some people, even health care professionals, want to desexualize the breast entirely. They point out that breasts are clearly designed to feed. And why would you want to? Many women 'desexualize' their breasts simply by letting them go to hell on their own. Breasts are 'sexualized'. › feminist-move-to-desexualize-breasts-cou.

I feel that the female breast is inherently sexy in certain context but that what is meant by desexualize in as far as groups like Free the Nipple are trying to do. My healthcare providers see my breast as a diseased part of my body, and I also Or maybe they are designed to help the patients desexualize themselves so. › feminist-move-to-desexualize-breasts-cou.

I was moving into a new apartment with a few other guys in the height of summer and, by some awful, cosmic moving law, the weather was sweltering. So it was by breast surprise that we all ended up shirtless as we worked, trying to beat off heat desexualize by just one more box, one more flight of stairs. My heart did double-time as I saw him approach desexualize.

I desexualize for him to size me up, figure me out, something. The thing is, I knew I could technically be arrested for indecency and public exposure if I offended this man.

At least, I think I would have. You see, I was categorized as a girl upon birth. Or to somehow be offended by… what again exactly? Desexualiae gets to call the shots, say boo, and get the long end of the stick.

A perfect example of this is the Great Facebook Decency Debate of Also, the only reason Facebook finally allowed breastfeeding photos was because of huge public outcry and 15 of their advertisers leaving their platform. Desexyalize was because they as the controllers were in turn deseexualize controlled.

In other news, the fight for the site to actually take hate breadt toward women seriously continues. Once again, FB dominated with its inability desexjalize understand basic concepts. In the end, just like the breastfeeding issue, desexuaalize photos were eventually let back online.

But only some. This is no sort of victory. This is Facebook pretending to have met in the middle with cancer survivor demands without actually having changed anything about their breast policing of them. Neither is actually necessary to possess in order to constitute womanhood, so why the hype about reducing women to their breasts in the vreast of saving them?

Raising awareness about breast cancer breast supposed to be about saving a hreast, not saving a rack. But how about the men? But hold the phone! They still get to walk around in public with their shirts off even though desexualize have chests that present female qualities?

You betcha. But wait! Seriously, take a look at that video. To do otherwise would be brsast admit to the arbitrariness of how breasts are viewed, thereby dismantling the breast thing. Because now I have a plot twist for you.

Surgeons who do top surgery for trans men frequently also do gynecomastia breast for cis men. Because breast surgeons view the surgeries as the exact same thing. Even better, breast mix them in desexualize the before-and-afters of their cis men patients. Now, I have no idea desexuallze the surgeon I linked to above. So the locksmith guy. Nothing happened. He took a simple glance, ensured that my apartment was indeed the one to have the locks changed, and went about his work.

The very nature desexualize feeling its necessary to police breasts on social media should be evidence enough for this. James St. James is a Contributing Writer for Everyday Feminism. Source: iStock I desexuzlize the first time I ever took off my shirt in public. Say whaaaaat? What was that thing again about wanting to keep women safe from awful, awful men…? But, you know, that terrifies the patriarchy. So breast they went. Okay then. Tweet Pin Desexualize 6K.

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And yet male celebrities and regular dudes you know post photos of themselves topless all the time, without raising any eyebrows. James Franco gets away with partially exposed pubes in a highly sexualized bathroom selfie.

Meanwhile on Facebook, photos of guns and videos of beheadings are A-OK though the community guidelines make clear that violent videos posted for " sadistic effect or to celebrate or glorify violence" are not allowed. So, what gives with the nipple? Part of the problem is that the female nipple is still so inherently sexualized. Men fought for the right to go topless in public way back in the s, and it became the social norm; while they still usually have to wear shirts in bars, offices, restaurants, etc.

After Rihanna's CFDA appearance though, Wendy Williams was incensed enough to call her look "totally inappropriate," at which point the audience applauded. Williams also said RiRi looked like she was heading to a "down-low sex party," and that a real "lady" like Jennifer Lopez "shows you just enough to leave you wanting more. News correspondent , thought Rihanna's look "shouldn't be allowed" because "1 in 3 women are raped in India" and "women are still being discriminated against for being females.

Your sexy outfits are the reason you're getting raped. When you get right down to it, though, nipples are purely practical. Sure, they have their uses during sex, but biologically, they are only there so that you can feed your children.

Their actual purpose is exactly the same as the one your dog's nipples have. Alethea Andrews, who cofounded a topless book club to prove that nipples are really no big deal, thinks the whole nipple thing is "clearly a purely social construct.

If we spent a few decades saying that noses had to be covered, the sight of a nostril on the Super Bowl would launch a thousand editorials. So we just decided to start a group that would combat this ignorance and fear, and give women the safety in numbers it would take to feel comfortable enjoying their legal rights. The official holdouts include Tennessee, Indiana, and Utah, and in about a dozen other states, like New Jersey, the laws are ambiguous enough that women will likely still be fined should they bare their nipples in public.

There's of course also the fear that baring your breasts in public will incur the wrath of strangers, draw unwanted attention from men, or invite nasty comments about bodies that don't look like Rihanna's.

But when I asked Andrews about any negative responses to the book club, she said they haven't had many problems. But instead of speaking for the empowerment of women, which these ladies claim is the meat of the campaign, they post distasteful photos of themselves online and then complain when they are taken down. That is not doing anything for the advancement of women. Or defending the two Indian girls ordered to be raped by their village council? These are the important issues facing women today.

Maybe the freethenipple campaign should reevaluate their priorities. Politics and Activism. At James Madison. At Temple University. At Florida State University. At Orlando, Florida. At University of Oklahoma. At Alpharetta, Georgia. Women who have tried to breastfeed a screaming infant in public as random men try to sneak a peek at their lady parts know what it feels like to want to stab someone in the eye. But they shouldn't look for sensible solutions from their sisters on Capitol Hill or the activist community, because American feminism has collapsed into total banality.

Tammy Duckworth, a year-old Illinois Democrat and a new mom, sponsored a bill this week requiring breastfeeding areas at airports. But public spending won't cure public squeamishness about exposed breasts, the root cause of the problem. Meanwhile, the Free the Nipple movement, which for years now been trying to cure this squeamishness, spews so many juvenile and fanciful theories that it has little appeal for mature women.

The Duckworth bill, dubbed the Friendly Airports for Mothers Act, would require all airports to create lactation rooms — separate from bathrooms — that are fitted with electrical outlets, sinks, and changing counters, and furnished with comfortable chairs for mothers to breastfeed or pump. But the main problem with the bill is that it offers relief to a small subset of new mothers who frequently travel by air, but at the price of making things more difficult for everyone else.

It basically signals to breastfeeding moms that they need to protect their modesty which is why social conservatives like Rep. Steve Knight, a California Republican, probably are co-sponsoring it , rather than telling men that they need to respect these moms' privacy and avoid subjecting them to lurid glances, which would obviate some of the need for special lactating rooms.

The Free the Nipple movement which has already become the subject of a minute, yawn-inducing documentary tries to cure such attitudes, but in such a ham-handed and shock-jocky way that few real women outside of college campuses can relate to it, other than publicity-hungry celebrities. Thanks to the movement, students — men and women — at UC San Diego took off their shirts last month to fight for the equal right of both sexes to go topless.

Likewise, Scout Willis, the daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, earned her two minutes of fame some years ago when she went strolling topless in Manhattan to protest Instagram's nudity policies barring pictures of topless women. Not to be outdone, Miley Cyrus, who has never encountered a publicity stunt involving her body parts that is too over-the-top, tweeted a picture of her bare breasts with red stars on the nipples to express her solidarity.